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If your nails seem unkempt and scruffy, it will mean that you’re not that good with taking care of yourself. And what can best glam up your hands and attract rapturous glances? Bingo! Perfect and trendy nail art design.


  • dramatic and creamy, bright fuchsia nail lacquer draws you in. this luminous pink knows just how to build a mystery. what’s her secret? she’ll never tell.

  • Glitter and ribbon accents meet in this awesome nail design that would look equally good at the office as it would on a date night. Olive complexions and light brown skin tones would be enhanced by these designs that will impress all who see them. Go on, try it out for your next night out … Continue reading Nail Designs #1162

  • The sandy element of these nails provides an extremely unique appearance you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. The tip of the ring finger fades into the rosy nude pink of the natural nail bed, creating a sense of uniformity and balance. This design would look best on someone with olive to tan skin and … Continue reading Nail Designs #1161

  • This is an interesting approach to the nude nail look. By adding a smoky purple coat and layering it with a matte finish, these nails are both conservative and stylish. Try combining the nails with a matching outfit to offer a pulled-together look. These are one of the less flashy nail colors out there and … Continue reading Nail Designs #1160

  • This fancy nail design you might be able to achieve on your own at home with minimal trouble. The matte finish on each of these nails adds body and texture while the glittery rose-purple and latte gold provide a counterpoint to the other colors. These nails would look great on both light and dark skin … Continue reading Nail Designs #1159

  • Oh, the glory of nude nails that resonate perfectly with the complexion! Delicate glitter placements on the ring finger of one hand and the crown-like applique on the ring finger of the other provide the perfect combination with a large and fancy ring for a not-too-glamourous yet simply stunning nude nail design idea.

  • These long nude nails are matched to the rosy skin tone with gentle peach highlights. The flowers layered on top of the nails are carefully constructed with delicate green leaves and stems for a realistic appearance. Gloss as a top coat draws attention to this stunning nail job that perfectly completes a stylish appearance.

  • These creamy rose brown nails are accented with a rhinestone applique on the ring finger. Medium to dark complexions will look especially good with this stunning nail design that will turn the heads of all who look at them. The glossy topcoat provides that extra touch of shine that is so prevalent with nail styles … Continue reading Nail Designs #1156

  • For a fancy touch on that special occasion, you’ll remember always, these glossy nude nails are gorgeous! The top coat adds a mother-of-pearl finish for a shade that is perfect for tan or bronzed skin. The delicate rhinestone appliques featured at the base of these nails provide the perfect enhancement to an already elegant look … Continue reading Nail Designs #1155

  • No one ever said that nude nails had to be consistently the same color! Mix things up a little by adding a pop of color to the palette with shiny red and glittery accents. Take a close look here. You’ll notice that the nails are done in an asymmetrical fashion, adding interest and creativity while … Continue reading Nail Designs #1154

  • Four shades of rose brown and pink meet in this nail style that complements those with a clearness to their skin tone. The thumb and forefinger are touched with a matte top coat overlaying a rich rose base color. The other nails become progressively lighter and range from latte to baby pink on the color … Continue reading Nail Designs #1153

  • Each of the fingers in this nail polish design feature a different shade of pinkish tan and mocha. Olive and tan-skinned complexions will be enhanced by these nail designs that mesh perfectly with these skin tones. The middle fingers are flanked by rich golden brown glittered topcoats for the perfect touch to a lovely nail … Continue reading Nail Designs #1152



  • Poly gel is the latest nail tech invention that has caught Choi’s eye. “It’s a breakthrough nail enhancement that can be applied as an overlay or used to sculpt a full set of nails,” she explains. “The enhanced formula delivers strong, flexible, feather-light nails—it is astonishingly light on clients yet stronger than hard gels,” she … Continue reading Nail Designs #1055

  • Editorial manicurist Jin Soon Choi predicts that yellow will see a major comeback due to its “undeniably young and fun spirit.” Eva Chen, pictured above, sported a bright yellow Jin Soon shade for the 2019 Met Gala.

  • Is this nail look practical? Not really. But for a special occasion, glueing black and white mini pearls around a nude manicure makes a major beauty statement.

  • Nikkie’s nails are always just as cool as her makeup, with lavender glitter and a cool abstract design.

  • Logo nails never go out of style, but there’s something inherently cheeky about painting the classic LV monogram across all ten fingers.

  • Hannah agrees, noting that we should expect to see more variations in the tip color and width of line work on the nail tip as pictured above.