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  • Every time you’ll look at this bright and interesting manicure, you’ll definitely smile. And if you are curious about the current trends, here you can look through the new nail art ideas.

  • You’ll be pretty as a peach with these pale peach stiletto nails. But for a twist, paint just the tip of your ring finger peach and follow the pattern with a pretty gemstone design. This look is super dainty and classy for those who want a feminine vibe!

  • This geometric hummingbird design still feels minimalistic.

  • Paint each nail a different shade of red, starting with the deepest color and ending with the lightest. This winter look is more subtle, keeping with the theme without being overly committed to the festivity.

  • Coffin nails are all the rage this year and what better time to show off your coffin style nails than Halloween? Paint a cobweb on one fingernail and a creepy black widow spider on your accent finger for a look that’s creepy yet stylish.


If your nails seem unkempt and scruffy, it will mean that you’re not that good with taking care of yourself. And what can best glam up your hands and attract rapturous glances? Bingo! Perfect and trendy nail art design.


  • Pretty pinks, blues, and greens decorate this short nail length. Though the elegant florals do require a steady hand, don’t worry about free-styling this design.

  • For a sleek and simple (but still stunning) nail design for short nails, simply start with a neutral or bare base and finish with a single shimmering stripe. It’s super easy to maintain, but chic enough to wear to a formal event.

  • Light and feathery strokes featuring bold colors add a pop of intrigue to the stark white base.

  • Black and white nails are always chic. Plus, race-worthy checks only make them look better. We love how it’s only half the nail, so no having to worry about that awkward grown-out phase.

  • ombre press on nail you can PICK 2 COLOR False Nails| Hand Painted Nails| Coffin Nails| Press On Nails| flame nail False Nails•Glue On Nails

  • Rainbow Ombre Glitter Jelly Long Coffin Press On Nails

  • Sparkly Ombre| coffin nails| press on nails |rainbow nails| fake nails| stiletto nails| FingerPop nails| glitter nails, ombré nails

  • Are you feeling a bit romantic? Then why not express it with this white and red manicure. The funky shapes across each nail resemble hearts, but the abstract styling makes it a touch avant-garde. Complete the look with metallic arrows coming through the pop of color for the perfect finish. It’s a great way to … Continue reading Nail Designs #1203

  • For lovers of all things elegant and sophisticated, this manicure is an ideal option. The design takes inspiration from quartz and looks almost as precious as the stone. Using silver polish or a strip of metallic tape, you can add dimension and depth to your fingernails. It’s an excellent alternative to wearing jewelry for a … Continue reading Nail Designs #1202

  • Elegant and simple, these coffin nails have it all. The stylish shape is a great way to elongate your fingers, and the sleek white finish will elevate your outfits and brighten your ensemble. Leave every fingertip plain or add a feature nail design. The options are endless for this manicure, so you can try something … Continue reading Nail Designs #1201

  • One of the trendiest shades this season is powder blue, so why not wear it on your nails? This cute and easy manicure idea is simple to recreate and looks beautiful on anyone. Take three colors, white and two different shades of pastel blues, and paint each nail a different hue. It’s the perfect style … Continue reading Nail Designs #1200



  • Tortoiseshell doesn’t always have to be shades of brown and black. We love this fuchsia version from Instagram-favorite nail artist @Astrowifey.

  • Is this nail look practical? Not really. But for a special occasion, glueing black and white mini pearls around a nude manicure makes a major beauty statement.

  • Logo nails never go out of style, but there’s something inherently cheeky about painting the classic LV monogram across all ten fingers.

  • Hannah agrees, noting that we should expect to see more variations in the tip color and width of line work on the nail tip as pictured above.

  • This is not your grandmother’s French manicure! “For 2020, instead of a traditional crescent, we’ll see new tip styles such as heart shapes, double Frenches, and asymmetrical placement,” says Tuttle.

  • Poly gel is the latest nail tech invention that has caught Choi’s eye. “It’s a breakthrough nail enhancement that can be applied as an overlay or used to sculpt a full set of nails,” she explains. “The enhanced formula delivers strong, flexible, feather-light nails—it is astonishingly light on clients yet stronger than hard gels,” she … Continue reading Nail Designs #1055