Explore 4th of July Nails
  • Looking for a glam nail design? Then you need to check out our next idea. One nail is blue, the next is sparkly silver and the last nail is glossy red. There is also a watercolor accent nail. It is a unique and stylish nail idea. You can by silver embellishments like the star online … Continue reading Nail Designs #575

  • One of the hottest nails look to try is matte. So, this 4th of July recreate a trendy and patriotic design like this one. Most of the nails are matte red and there are two accent nails. One accent nail features stripes and the other has stars. Any nail polish can be turned matte with … Continue reading Nail Designs #574

  • Add some sparkle to your 4th of July look with a nail design like this one. Each of the nails is painted in either red, white or blue and most of them have silver glitter tips too. One of the nails also has accent art which includes a heart with a sparkly American flag design. … Continue reading Nail Designs #573

  • The next nail idea is super cute and stylish. Some nails are red and some are blue. There are also two accent designs too. The accent nails are white with red and blue stars. You can hand-paint the stars or you can buy colored star decorations. This is quite easy to recreate and it will … Continue reading Nail Designs #572

  • Looking for bold nails that will stand out from the rest? Then try something like this. Each nail has a different design and these include: tie-dye, glitter tips, gems and stars. It is an amazing nail idea and it is perfect for any 4th of July celebrations you may be attending. Recreate all of these … Continue reading Nail Designs #571

  • If the flag inspired nails are not for you, then you can try a pretty design like this one. Here we have nails that use the patriotic red, white and blue colors. Most of the nails are painted blue with a white polka dot pattern and there is one sparkly red accent nail too. It … Continue reading Nail Designs #570

  • Our next idea is stylish and quite unique too. Most of the nails are red and there are two accent designs. One of the accent nails is covered in silver glitter and the other has cool American flag art. Instead of the classic pattern, the flag has a diagonal design instead. It is a stylish … Continue reading Nail Designs #569

  • Next, we have a bold 4th of July nail look to show you. For this design, some nails are plain red or blue and there are two accent nails too. One accent nail features red and white stripes while the other nail is blue with white stars. Nails like these are perfect for the celebrations … Continue reading Nail Designs #568

  • Last on our list of 4th of July nail ideas is this stars and stripes look. One nail is blue with white stripes and the other nails are white with stripes. Nails like these are trendy and chic way to celebrate the occasion. A design like this will suit any nail shape and length.

  • Looking for a stylish and creative manicure? Then this next idea is for you! The nails have a red and white wave stripe background with blue stars over the top. We love these nails because they are so artistic! You can recreate these or mix up the colors. Maybe try blue and white stripes with … Continue reading Nail Designs #566

  • Next, we have a pretty polka dot manicure to show you. The nails have white polish with spots of red, blue and silver on the top. You can choose the same colors for the dots or just choose one or two colors. Either way you will have a stylish manicure.

  • Here we another creative stars and stripes idea. This manicure uses metallic red and blue with stars and stripes over the top. You can recreate similar nails or just choose one of the styles instead of both. A design like this will suit any nail length and shape.