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Nail art design is considered to be a unique identity for women. Beautiful nails add the finishing touch on the look in your big days!
Acrylic Nails Ideas
Nail Designs #790

This nail shape is the perfect combination of the mountain peak design and coffin nails. If you are undecided and like both styles, then this combined look will be your new favorite. Spice up your next set by utilizing this design and create some super cool patterns. This look is one for the adventurous type … Continue reading Nail Designs #790

Nail Designs #789

Paint the rainbow onto your fresh set of coffin shaped acrylic nails with this super cool design. This popular style provides plenty of room to make quirky and fun designs. In particular, you can paint on colorful tips or exotic shapes. In addition to this, you can also alternate the colors used with this look … Continue reading Nail Designs #789

Nail Designs #788

Channel your inner wild side and display it on your new set of mountain peak acrylic nails. This shape is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. The sharp tips and elongated base can be quite intimidating, but it does allow for some bright and intricate artwork to be painted on. If you’re willing to test … Continue reading Nail Designs #788

Nail Designs #787

Almond acrylic nails are the perfect go-to shape for almost any design and in particular, the branded nail look. High-end fashion brands look great on any part of the body, which means it’s the ideal excuse for your nail technician to recreate them on your fingers. For example, brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel … Continue reading Nail Designs #787

Nail Designs #786

The lipstick shape has made its breakthrough and is now a popular trend. The tapered tip creates a unique and flawless touch that resembles a lipstick bullet. You can create your very own lipstick-inspired nails and paint them any color you like. This quirky design is worth trying at least once in your lifetime to … Continue reading Nail Designs #786

Nail Designs #785

Try this different acrylic nail trend and watch all of the compliments roll in one by one. The rounded artistic nail design channels a sophisticated and chic appearance, which is versatile for almost every occasion. The simple design allows for a natural look in addition to the creative aspect of enticing line art. Unleash your … Continue reading Nail Designs #785

Nail Designs #784

If you’re after something more simple, then the square acrylic nail design will be perfect for you. This go-to shape allows for versatility, giving you access to almost any design and color. For example, you can have your acrylics painted one color, have a feature glitter nail, or even add some cute symbols like the … Continue reading Nail Designs #784

Nail Designs #783

A new nail trend that is quickly becoming quite popular is the letters on oval acrylics. This unique design channels a particular individual style, but it can easily pair with almost every outfit. It gives you the freedom to write a message across your nails for others to admire. The black and white colors create … Continue reading Nail Designs #783