Best Amazing Nail Art
  • If you want to have pretty nails, a combination of neon pink with black will look stunning. You can also add some rhinestones to your design. Or, opt for unbelievable designs with triangles or flowers.

  • Palm tree nail art is the trendiest pattern of this season. Your mani will be perfect!

  • Summer is the best time for road trips with your family and friends. This vintage map nail art may look complicated, but it’s quite simple. All you need to duplicate this trendy design is white and clear nail polish, a road map, and rubbing alcohol. People will be blown away by your nail art!

  • Cat eyes manicure has made quite a lot of stir in the industry. Although it may be considered not as popular as it used to be, a true nail art connoisseur will certainly appreciate it. Besides, the color range is so versatile that you will easily find a shade that suits your preferences best.

  • If you aren’t afraid to shake things up a bit, try this design for a bold yet elegant look. Paint one finger in a black and white leopard print and then paint three nails with a French manicure with wine colored tips. Paint one finger black with gold gemstones to really make this classy look … Continue reading Nail Designs #287


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