Best Fall nail designs
  • Fall nail designs don’t always have to be pumpkins and falling leaves, although both are very popular. If you prefer a more refined look, this deep burgundy is the perfect Fall color as it is rich and warm. If you want to dress it up a bit for a Fall wedding or another formal event, … Continue reading Nail Designs #277

  • Paintbox is the place to go for New Yorkers who love subtle graphic manicures, but thanks to the recent launch of its own nail polishes, anyone can attempt gorgeous negative-space nail art in the color-theory combos the studio is famous for.

  • Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee is always sharing her innovative manicures, and this one with curtain-shaped tips is a chic combination of dark and neutral shades that looks incredible on longer nails.

  • This warm design exhibits a whole new take on gradient manicures. It starts with a solid pinky in OPI Infinite Shine polish in Yank My Doodle, a tawny terracotta, which rises as an arch higher and higher on its way to the thumb, supported by a growing ridge of the shimmering shade Worth a Pretty … Continue reading Nail Designs #28

  • Once regarded as a flaw, freckles are now considered one of the most adorable and cute features. Moreover, they have settled down in the beauty industry and are being artificially added if you naturally do not have them. To pull off this trend on your mani, you will need to add polka dots to your … Continue reading Nail Designs #239


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