• Upgrade your year-round nude manicure with a tiny candy cane painted along one side of each nail.

  • Can’t decide between a nude mani and something a little extra? Try both at once for a fun and festive visual mix. Three-dimensional accents glued across the center of a nude nail is the perfect holiday manicure.

  • This metallic floral motif may be intricate, but the end payoff is well worth it. If you have a little less time on your hands, one accent nail paired with solid red would pack just as much punch.

  • Like the champagne of nail art, a wash of sparkly ombré is simple but effective.

  • Metallic polish shines even more next to negative space and a thin white line for contrast.

  • This negative space glitter star manicure is festive enough to last you straight through New Year’s Eve.


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