Explore Holiday Nails
  • No Halloween party or image can go without spiders or spider webs. If you want to add that super trendy as well as a scary vibe to your holiday look, we suggest you decorate your stylish coffins with matte marble spiders!

  • If you want a look that’s really creepy and will glow in the dark, try this zombified style! Mum’s the word with this trendy look!

  • Metallic hues along with a marble stone manicure, are the prevailing trends in the industry for a while now. However, when the Halloween is right around the corner you need something more than a mere trendy manicure. That is why we offer you this killing witchdoctor option!

  • Everyone is scared of ghosts. That is why ghost houses are so popular during the Halloween season. Contribute to the culture with your house full of ghost manicure!

  • A patterned print is a great way to upgrade not only your outfit for winter but also manicure. Thus, adorn your nails with any pattern you like, from chevron to fleur de lis, and they are guaranteed to be in the spotlight all night long.

  • One of the easiest and fastest ways to beautify your manicure is to top it off with glitter. All kinds of sparkles work well for Christmas nails, as they bounce off beams of fairy lights and create a festive and vivid impression.

  • Do not be afraid to set free your imagination. Try out one of these fantastic nail designs to make your manicure the focal point of your whole look. They are so versatile that you will easily find an option to complement your Christmas outfit.