Best Long Nails 2020
  • If you’re in search of a neutral color for your long nails, then pick these nude color nails. While they may be a little on the sharper side, these nails still fall into the shape category of almond nails. This is one of the most popular designs and length for nails. Although there are some … Continue reading Nail Designs #1110

  • Apparently, clear nail art design is not a new fashion trend. Yet, it has been all the rage since it first appeared several years ago. In addition to their resemblance to real glass, transparent nails look attractive and sophisticated. If you want them to beam like Cinderella diamond shoes, accentuate some nails with rhinestones and … Continue reading Nail Designs #228

  • Alexa, play “NASA” by Ariana Grande, because Kylie has got some space. For Coachella weekend, she switched up her mani game and went for neon spangled talons.

  • When you’ve got that much canvas to work with, you’ve gotta go next-level with your nail game. Kylie covered her nails in Takashi Murakami’s iconic smileys for a groovy look.

  • Yes, this is an article dedicated to Kylie Jenner’s nail art, thank you for noticing. French tips are officially back – along with literally every other ’90s trend – but Kylie put her very own spin on it. This take feels so much cooler than your classic beige combo.


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