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  • As well as with coffin nails there is also a shorter version of stilettos. Even though this shape is considerably shorter than regular stilettos you still need some length to pull this shape off otherwise, it will look simply out of place.

  • One of the greatest perks of ombre nails is that once mismatching colors can turn into a harmonic duo. That is to say, ombre has no limitations in terms of colors, as well as color graduations. That means only one thing: every idea of ombre nail designs is special and unique, just like a snowflake. … Continue reading Nail Designs #244

  • No matter whether you are looking for nail art ideas for Valentine’s Day or you are simply a romantic person and want to show it off, this cute nail art that features 3-D hearts and a glitter accent will definitely come in handy to you. To express your feelings even stronger, add the love inscription … Continue reading Nail Designs #229

  • There are so many cool colors to wear, so it can be difficult to choose the shade you want to wear next. Well, maybe you don’t have to. You could choose a multi-color manicure like this. Four different colors have been used and the different shades create a bold and fun look. It is the … Continue reading Nail Designs #99

  • Your nails don’t have to be thing long to pull off the cow print trend—but having more real estate does make the effect really pop.

  • Kylie is as Kylie does, so if she posts a pic on Instagram of pink and blue talons, does that mean that she’s pregnant and teasing the assigned-at-birth gender of her baby? Some fans are speculating that the mani pic is further proof that Kylie is thinking about baby number 2. One fan commented, “She’s … Continue reading Nail Designs #45

  • The queen of nail art is back with another stunning mani. She’s serving us neons, she’s serving us matte, she’s serving us ombré – this manicure is every festival nail trend wrapped up in one.

  • The 1990s revival has come full circle: toe rings and tie dye are back, once again. Kylie donned both retro trends at once (plus, an ankle bracelet) while showing off her technicolor claws for the gram.

  • The queen of over-the-top nail designs does it again! Kylie went full on 1999, showing off nude coffin nails with a rhinestone heart.

  • Vanessa Hudgens spends 11 months out of the year just waiting for October to hit, so of course, before September even ended, she was prepped and ready. In her first post of the spooky season, V shared a set of matte, ombre spider web claws. Honestly, these nails could be a costume all by themselves.