6 best ideas and inspiration for nail art 2019

Explore nail art 2019
  • Picasso had an entire canvas to pain on. Nail artist Hang Nguyen’s canvas is much smaller–making her interpretation that much more impressive.

  • One of 2019’s biggest nail trends is…cow print. The black-and-white design is not only cute, but it pairs with everything.

  • Very few manicures scream “fall” quite like a shade of dark red. But if you’re tired of the same old same old, check out this update by nontoxic New York City nail salon Tenoverten. Not too thick, not too thin, partial stripes in a creamy white shade add interest to a timeless look.

  • Anyone who’s ever gone to a private school knows the combination of plaid skirts and black sweaters all too well. And while you don’t have to wear those anymore, you can pay tribute to that back-to-school vibe with this manicure idea by Savannah Walker. She painted some of her clients’ nails solid black while hand-painting … Continue reading Nail Designs #26

  • Classic polka-dots get a unique negative-space twist in this manicure by Betina Goldstein. She painted rich, chocolate-brown crescents along on side of each nail, dotting the darkness with a bright white polish.

  • Cooler, jewel-tone greens feel just as natural in the fall, especially shades on the darker side, like CND’s Shellac polish in Aura.

  • Negative-space manis aren’t just a spring and summer look. With rich shades like mulberry mixed into a marble effect with warm, shimmering gold, as Katie Masters did here, leaving an asymmetrical hint of naked nails has never looked more autumnal.