Best Perfect Nails
  • Neutral shades are a perfect way to show off some of that bling! This matte nude polish is a perfect canvas for these shiny gemstones that will glisten in the spotlight!

  • If you aren’t skilled at straight lines, you will love this funky tie-dye design. Choose 2 or 3 of your favorite summer shades, and you can easily master this adorable effect! The perfect look for a day on the beach!

  • Regardless of whether you belong to any subculture or not, this geometric nail art design popular among hipsters may resonate with you too. The best thing about it is that every print is one of a kind, as it is usually hand-painted on your nails. For a touch of boho chic, add a couple of … Continue reading Nail Designs #231

  • Arrowhead nails are something in between stilettos and mountain peak nail shapes. The shape itself is a lot shorter which makes it already safer not to mention that it looks cute and feminine despite the pretty sharp tip, not to mention that the range of ideas to pull off is also impressive.

  • If you are looking for some gentle but interesting manicure idea for your squoval nails – we have it covered for you. The fact is that little fluffy clouds spiced up with some hot air balloons is what you need!


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