Explore Pink Nails
  • The next nail design we are going to discuss is the nude long almond nails represented in this photo. The nude color is often chosen for formal events and special occasions. This color has become popular, and women from all walks of life are obtaining nude nails. This particular example has an accent design that … Continue reading Nail Designs #425

  • These pink nails have a gorgeous nude nail design one should consider. There are additional designs such as the floral art nails that are beautiful embellishments to almost any nail design you can come up with. The almond shape of these nails works for most daily activities.

  • As previously stated, square nails are popular among women who have a more active lifestyle. These pink nude nails are a beautiful addition to your style. The nail art on the fourth and fifth finger adds a new dimension to this design. What could typically be a rather dull yet still attractive nail design goes … Continue reading Nail Designs #406

  • If you want to pull off a romantic and cute mani for Christmas, then your search stops on this beautiful pink nail design. It features the main symbols of the holiday yet still looks suitable for casual wear, which means you do not have to remove it when the celebration is over.

  • Hot pink is not for everyone; we know that. However, that does not mean that you can’t opt for something subtler, sweeter and one of a kind. How about this flamingo nail art?

  • There are some nail shapes for short fingers only, and the short oval is the shape that will grant your nails that pretty vibe without making it look out of place. Even though the length itself is not that great, there is still enough of room left for the experimentation. Try it out!

  • Squoval nails are all about the practicality. They do not chip or break due to the softly rounded edges even though the square shape is still preserved. That is why if you are looking for something that is universally flattering and withstanding – squoval would be your best bet.

  • Sometimes, simple ideas are the prettiest. Sand glitter swirls will make your mani original.

  • Fancy pink flamingo manicure is so pretty and stylish. You can choose a bright color and paint a flamingo on one nail. And black stripes on a white base will be one more accent.

  • Summer is all about vibrant colors; we all know that. That is why we suggest you spice your nails up with some bright pink nail polish and creative pink flamingo accent.

  • Choose soft pink and lavender shades for your base color and accentuate your ring and middle fingers with purple pineapples. Add some contrast yellow dots on the other nails. These mani look good enough to eat!

  • This pink color with golden sparkly designs is totally nice and girly!