Explore Pink Nails
  • This pretty pink shade with golden polka dots is classy and chic!

  • Chevron nails are all the rage right now. With its white base and neon chevron stripes, these nails are totally trendy!

  • Incorporate some white stripes on some of your nails to create a chic goddess-like look. Such summer nail designs would look great combined with a golden bathing suit. And if you plan to go out a lot, find some pink pastel silk scarf or earrings that would go together with your manicure. Or you could … Continue reading Nail Designs #121

  • If you are a type of person who is fond of visiting museums and seeing marble ceiling and floors, who is fond of the grandeur of the material itself, then you should try the marble effect nail design. It looks pompous and effective.

  • Charm your partner with your amazingly looking nail art design. It will look well with the cocktail dress, and you’ll definitely be the star of the evening. It looks simple yet extravagant. You could use either subtle pink or any other type of nail polish to create this amazing effect.

  • Brighten up your look this summer with a trendy coral manicure like this. All of the nails are matte neon pink and there is one accent nail on each hand too. The accent nail is decorated beautifully. You can by nail embellishments like these online. Recreate this or try your own stylish accent design.

  • Next, we have a chic and trendy nail idea. These nails feature a pretty pink and nude ombre design. The nude and neon pink is such a stunning color combination. A manicure like this would be perfect for the ladies who want a subtler neon look. You can recreate this or you can try the … Continue reading Nail Designs #104

  • Our next idea is pretty and easy to wear. Two nails are pink, two nails are orange and one nail is covered in silver glitter. The pink and orange compliment each other perfectly and the glitter just adds a little glamour. You could paint the thumb nail with any of the three colors. A manicure … Continue reading Nail Designs #100

  • If you are looking for a bright and bold nail design, then check out this next look. Most of the nails are painted in a light, neon pink shade. There is one accent nail in a different color too. Some of the nails are also beautifully decorated with gold stripes and more. It is a … Continue reading Nail Designs #98

  • Love pink? Then these nails are for you! The nails are all painted in different pink, matte neon shades. It is vibrant and fun look that will suit everyone. This manicure was created with the following colors from INK London: Neon Pink, Extreme Pink, Funky Fuchsia, Rose Quartz and Hubba Bubbalicious. Try to create a … Continue reading Nail Designs #83

  • Next, we have a pretty neon look. Some of the nails are sparkly pink, one is all pink, and the other nail has pink tips and crystals. It is a beautiful and glam nail idea. Try the whole look or create just one of the designs. You can also recreate the same manicure with a … Continue reading Nail Designs #78

  • Next, we have another ombre nail idea but this one uses two bright colors. The nails are light pink and then change to neon pink. We love the two colors together and it shows how versatile the ombre technique is. Try a similar look to this or choose your own vibrant colors. Nails like these … Continue reading Nail Designs #72