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Cheap Nail Art Online | Nail Art for 2020
Nail art design is considered to be a unique identity for women. Beautiful nails add the finishing touch on the look in your big days!
Rainbow Nails
Nail Designs #328

Those of you who are looking for a holographic nail polish to be surprised with may be fascinated with the Charmed from ILNP. Even though the shade is considered to be plum-colored, depending on the lighting in the room, it will reflect some red and blue specks, and that can’t simply be left unnoticed. What … Continue reading Nail Designs #328

Nail Designs #327

When it comes to Pink Holographic Nail Polish some of you may have mixed feelings about it. Yet, it seems that ILNP simply nailed it and there is no exaggeration here. This holo nail polish which mostly looks silver has a lot more to it. Apart from the smooth texture, the reflection of rose colors … Continue reading Nail Designs #327