Explore Spring Nails
  • We know that the French tip is timeless and classy, but when the spring hits, your heart desires something more colorful and springier. We offer you a perfect mix of class and style, combined with an incredibly sweet floral tip!

  • Those of you who are in need of some fresh and easy spring nail designs there is something for you too. The fact is that a sea the theme is never out of date, no matter the season outside. Add a matte top coat to your marine nail art to keep up with the trends.

  • This style with neon French tips will help you achieve a fresh, bold new look for spring. Simply apply a delicate, thin stroke of a fun fluorescent color to the tip of your French mani.

  • To add a bit of pop to your stunning neon manicure, add a lovely leaf accent to one nail on each hand along with a swirl or swipe of metallic polish.

  • If you prefer a less flashy nail design, simply strip a few different bold colors diagonally across your nails, starting at one corner and ending at the other.

  • You might think marble nail art is extremely difficult, but it’s really quite simple if you have the right tools. You just need two colors of your choice, a dotting tool, and some patience. This look works great with a darker color and fun pastel for spring time!

  • This classic look of the French almond nails is fit for absolutely any occasion. The natural finish with the white tips is a timeless look that is very popular. It is suitable for office, daily and even formal occasions. The classy look of this style appears well on the CEO of a corporation as well … Continue reading Nail Designs #428

  • Sharp edges are not for everyone and in case you are the one who hates sharp edges but would like your nails to look trimmed and stylish – short squoval nails are there for you! Short squoval nails are all about the neat look and elegance; if you are a fan of short length, then … Continue reading Nail Designs #249

  • If you are looking for something classy and sassy, the square nails are there for you. With this nail shape, you will look equally elegant whether you are headed to the office or a party. Besides, there is a vast variety of designs to choose from, not to mention the fact that this shape is … Continue reading Nail Designs #246

  • To give your classic French manicure a trendy twist, apply the white color to the tips of your nails with a fading technique. It looks airy and elegant thus making up a perfect manicure option to step into any door. Remember though, the longer your nails are the softer the transition looks.