6 best ideas and inspiration for Toe Nail Designs

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  • Paint your toes nude, with one feature nail in glitter gold. Finally, add the detail around the big toes. It’s simple, stylish and pairs nicely with many nail styles.

  • These toes go perfectly with all nail designs that are nude, neutral or natural in color. Add a little bit of rose gold glitter on to every second toe, then finish the look off with gems.

  • Perfectly match these toe nails with your finger design. A french manicure and pedicure with a holiday twist will look fantastic. If you want it to be more eye-catching, add the gem on the big toe to finish off the look.

  • This look would pair perfectly with any nail choice that has white in it. This simple look is perfect if you’ve spent ages on your nails and still want your toes to look nice but don’t want to put in too much effort.

  • This is a great winter selection for your toes and it’s so simple to do. Pick out your favorite shade of blue and apply it to your toenails, then perfectly place gems on the corner of your big toes. Once that is complete, put a layer of topcoat over them so that they stay in … Continue reading Nail Designs #1094