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  • Pink and white gel nails are always a win-win combination, especially, when they are complemented with a rose quartz nail design. It’s kind of an updated version of the bygone marble manicure. However, rose quartz nails look much more unusual and attractive. The effect of white veins grinning through the translucent gradient pink base refuses … Continue reading Nail Designs #1134

  • If you want a look that is a bit different, yet, still a cool fall nail art design, try this cute design with glitter tree. Since it is Fall we are talking, then you should use proper shades in your manicure. The combination of dark brown and metallic gold bases is apparently what you need, … Continue reading Nail Designs #281

  • Four shades of rose brown and pink meet in this nail style that complements those with a clearness to their skin tone. The thumb and forefinger are touched with a matte top coat overlaying a rich rose base color. The other nails become progressively lighter and range from latte to baby pink on the color … Continue reading Nail Designs #1153

  • No one ever said that nude nails had to be consistently the same color! Mix things up a little by adding a pop of color to the palette with shiny red and glittery accents. Take a close look here. You’ll notice that the nails are done in an asymmetrical fashion, adding interest and creativity while … Continue reading Nail Designs #1154

  • Each of the fingers in this nail polish design feature a different shade of pinkish tan and mocha. Olive and tan-skinned complexions will be enhanced by these nail designs that mesh perfectly with these skin tones. The middle fingers are flanked by rich golden brown glittered topcoats for the perfect touch to a lovely nail … Continue reading Nail Designs #1152

  • If you like subdued and low-key colors on your manicure, then consider this nail design idea in nude shades with a candy striped design. Although it does not grab a lot of attention, it still makes your nails look festive and charming.

  • For women with very active lifestyles one should consider this nail design for short nails. Just because you don’t desire to have long claws or flashy artwork applied doesn’t mean that your nail design can’t be just as beautiful as some of the more elaborate designs. These nude glitter nails are versatile and will fit … Continue reading Nail Designs #1109

  • If you think that 3D flowers are a trend that is out of fashion – you are incredibly mistaken. There is no better season to decorate your coffin nails with gorgeous flowers than spring. Add a matte pink base to the mix, and ravishing nail design is ready!


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  • This holographic manicure is a nail trend that has evolved into a look we just can’t stop staring at. Nail this look with holographic tips and super chunky glitter on an accent nail. You will have the sparkliest, shiniest, trippiest nails on the dance floor with this stunning holographic manicure.

  • This next manicure makes a bold gold statement. If your dress has any gold in it, this manicure will be a total showstopper. These long coffin nails feature a nude solid color with added gold glitter and embellishments on nearly every nail. You can try this same concept with different colors so that the manicure … Continue reading Nail Designs #1224

  • Look stylish and pretty at prom with these nude nails. This cute and classy manicure features a soft nude color and bold sparkling glitter. The glitter in this nail design varies in color from silver to plum and a gradient sparkle combining the two. This is such a glam look for prom.

  • Looking for a trendy and elegant nail style for prom? Then this nail design is for you! This long French ombre manicure is a stylish look that has a soft pink cuticle that blends into white to create the ombre effect. These nails will be so glam for prom.

  • One of the best ways to make your nails stand out on prom night is to add a little nail art design to a soft, traditional color. This taupe polish would have been bare and boring without the gold embellishment and striped floral detailing. This is a great way to keep things simple, yet stunning … Continue reading Nail Designs #1221

  • Prom night can be just as carefully thought out as a wedding for some girls. This simple, bridal inspired manicure is a perfect look for prom nails. The soft pink gel nail color is subtle, but when paired with a strip of silver rhinestones for an accent it really enhances the elegant vibe every girl … Continue reading Nail Designs #1220

  • Looking for a feminine manicure for prom? These white and pink nails look timeless and sophisticated with soft feminine florals on white polish. The 3D pink studs are a beautiful addition that is so glitz and glam, which is perfect for prom. Studs and gems are the perfect accessories that will add style to any … Continue reading Nail Designs #1219

  • Become a golden goddess with these beautiful Egyptian style nails. The sleek golden polish paired with bold golden studs gives this look an elegant style without going overboard. If your prom dress has any gold detailing, these nails would be perfect for your big night. They are sure to make a statement and complete your … Continue reading Nail Designs #1218

  • This dreamy manicure is so delicate and elegant. It’s simple, yet stunning featuring clear white coffin nails with the reverse French glitter design and full embellishments as accents. Accent nails originally started with just the ring fingernails being accented, but over time stylists have been mixing and matching which nails are being accepted for a … Continue reading Nail Designs #1217

  • Make a statement this prom season with this beautiful crystal glitter manicure. The pink coffin nails are subtle, yet elegant for the big night. The accented ring fingers are covered with the perfect amount of silver glitter and small crystals. The accent really brightens up this manicure with such sparkle and shine that will reflect … Continue reading Nail Designs #1216

  • This Barbie pink manicure is so popular right now and it’s easy to see why. It’s a color that matches essentially any outfit and isn’t too loud. The subtle colors of light pink and a soft silver glitter accent is the perfect combination. The elongated almond tips of this gorgeous manicure are elegant and on … Continue reading Nail Designs #1215

  • Not ready to get out of your comfort zone this prom season when it comes to your nails? These stately French tip coffin nails are subtle, with a hint of surprise. The French tip design has a little shimmer of color with one accented nail having silver glitter tips. This is a look that would … Continue reading Nail Designs #1214