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  • In case you are in need of a bright and fantastic spring nail design – we have it covered. There is nothing better to cover your nails with during the spring than sparkly rainbows and cute unicorns!

  • Choi concurs, sharing, “Simple nail art, such as tweaked versions of French manicures and halfway negative space, confetti, and one big dot on each finger will be popular.” A lot of artists used this modern style of French nail art during the NYFW S/S 20, as seen above at the Rag & Bone show.

  • Due to its low-key appearance, matte manicure allows you to complement it with any kind of embellishments without being afraid to look overly showy and gaudy. Pearls pair with velvet perfectly. Hence, adding a row of multi-sized pearls to your nail base will result in tasteful mani with a royal touch.

  • The beauty of the Pulsar holographic nail polish lies in its ability to be completely different every time you have a glance at it. However, to achieve that you may need from three to four coats applied. Of course, this may sound like a downside but after all everything perfect needs some time and effort … Continue reading Nail Designs #343

  • You’ll be pretty as a peach with these pale peach stiletto nails. But for a twist, paint just the tip of your ring finger peach and follow the pattern with a pretty gemstone design. This look is super dainty and classy for those who want a feminine vibe!

  • If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse, Christmas is not the reason to shy away from it for your festive mani. Just add a touch of gold to your nails and they will perfectly match the ambiance of the holiday.


If your nails seem unkempt and scruffy, it will mean that you’re not that good with taking care of yourself. And what can best glam up your hands and attract rapturous glances? Bingo! Perfect and trendy nail art design.


  • This dreamy manicure is so delicate and elegant. It’s simple, yet stunning featuring clear white coffin nails with the reverse French glitter design and full embellishments as accents. Accent nails originally started with just the ring fingernails being accented, but over time stylists have been mixing and matching which nails are being accepted for a … Continue reading Nail Designs #1217

  • Make a statement this prom season with this beautiful crystal glitter manicure. The pink coffin nails are subtle, yet elegant for the big night. The accented ring fingers are covered with the perfect amount of silver glitter and small crystals. The accent really brightens up this manicure with such sparkle and shine that will reflect … Continue reading Nail Designs #1216

  • This Barbie pink manicure is so popular right now and it’s easy to see why. It’s a color that matches essentially any outfit and isn’t too loud. The subtle colors of light pink and a soft silver glitter accent is the perfect combination. The elongated almond tips of this gorgeous manicure are elegant and on … Continue reading Nail Designs #1215

  • Not ready to get out of your comfort zone this prom season when it comes to your nails? These stately French tip coffin nails are subtle, with a hint of surprise. The French tip design has a little shimmer of color with one accented nail having silver glitter tips. This is a look that would … Continue reading Nail Designs #1214

  • Prom is the perfect opportunity for you to get a little outside of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion and style. These pointed pastel nails are the perfect design if you’ve been hesitant to try the celeb-trending design. The powder-like finish on these nails is stunning and shines brightly next to the glitter … Continue reading Nail Designs #1213

  • Make a statement on prom night with these gorgeous metallic nails with rhinestone gems. This almond nail shape is totally on-trend this season and has become a popular request in salons. This cool manicure features a metallic ombre grey that almost has a mirrored effect and stunning gems that will have your tips standing out … Continue reading Nail Designs #1212

  • Pretty pinks, blues, and greens decorate this short nail length. Though the elegant florals do require a steady hand, don’t worry about free-styling this design.

  • For a sleek and simple (but still stunning) nail design for short nails, simply start with a neutral or bare base and finish with a single shimmering stripe. It’s super easy to maintain, but chic enough to wear to a formal event.

  • Light and feathery strokes featuring bold colors add a pop of intrigue to the stark white base.

  • Black and white nails are always chic. Plus, race-worthy checks only make them look better. We love how it’s only half the nail, so no having to worry about that awkward grown-out phase.

  • ombre press on nail you can PICK 2 COLOR False Nails| Hand Painted Nails| Coffin Nails| Press On Nails| flame nail False Nails•Glue On Nails



  • Logo nails never go out of style, but there’s something inherently cheeky about painting the classic LV monogram across all ten fingers.

  • Poly gel is the latest nail tech invention that has caught Choi’s eye. “It’s a breakthrough nail enhancement that can be applied as an overlay or used to sculpt a full set of nails,” she explains. “The enhanced formula delivers strong, flexible, feather-light nails—it is astonishingly light on clients yet stronger than hard gels,” she … Continue reading Nail Designs #1055

  • Nikkie’s nails are always just as cool as her makeup, with lavender glitter and a cool abstract design.

  • Dunne also predicts that we’ll start to see “soft orange” colors replacing the typical corals that Varnish Lane clients gravitate toward in the spring.

  • Tortoiseshell doesn’t always have to be shades of brown and black. We love this fuchsia version from Instagram-favorite nail artist @Astrowifey.

  • Tuttle says she is looking forward to applying color theory to create more nuanced and custom colors. “We’ll see the layering of polishes to give even more dimensionality to shades,” she explains. Try layering a metallic under a barely there sheen for a subtle glow from within that works year-round.